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2018 Hyundai Elantra

SHIFTRONIC is Hyundai's patented manumatic transmission. A combination of manual and automatic, manumatic allows a driver more controlled use of gear selection. In Hyundai's case with the SHIFTRONIC, it operates as a traditional automatic transmission yet permits the driver to override the automatic mode by changing the shift lever into a second shift gate with two different spring-loaded positions for "upshift" and "downshift."

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What's the Difference between BlueLink and Home Link

myHyundai App

Buying a new vehicle is a big decision. You not only want to make sure that you find one that looks good but now you also need to make sure that you get all of the technology that you want and need inside it. Technology makes your life that much easier and it makes the vehicle more enjoyable in general. Because of this, you want to make sure that you do your due diligence and research all of the available technologies in the vehicles that you are considering. If you are looking at a new Hyundai for your vehicle, then…

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What is Hyundai Bumper to Bumper Warranty?

Hyundai Assurance

When it comes to selecting a car, warranties are the true mark of quality. Any automaker can make bold claims about how sustainable, durable, and convenient their vehicles are. A warranty shows that they are willing to put their money where their mouths are, backing up their bold claims with the promise to pay for unmet expectations. It is thus no small matter that Hyundai recently announced a generous warranty program. With the  Hyundai Assurance guarantee, you will have comprehensive coverage if your vehicle is anything less than excellent.

An Array of Assurances Rolled into One

Hyundai Assurance is not…

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A Sneak Peek at Hyundai's Genesis GV80

The future of Genesis

The GV80 is a concept car that might look a little odd at first glance, but Genesis wouldn't necessarily be disappointed if that was your first reaction. There's a lot happening with the body and the design of the car, as Genesis attempts to turn the Genesis sedan into an SUV worth driving. The front fascia blends right into the air intakes, the lines of the car take unexpected twists and turns, and the thin headlights stand out as a nod to its elegance and distinction on the road. If you were wondering when you'll be able…

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The New Look of the Hyundai Accent

Hyundai Accent Front Teaser

The Hyundai Accent is returning and it appears that the popular four-door sedan will be better than ever. The new Accent has been redesigned to bring the subcompact sedan's aesthetics in line with those of comparably costly competitors. The new edition of the Accent recently made its global debut at the Canadian International Auto Show. Just about everyone in attendance raved about the Accent's new look. The 2018 Accent features an upscale interior and exterior design without the lofty price tag of a comparably visually striking luxury sedan. This is the aesthetically pleasing subcompact sedan the masses have…

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A Sustainable Selection: Hyundai's Eco-Friendly Entries At The Geneva Motor Show

i30 Wagon Overhead

The future of the planet depends on sustainable energy, and no company is more committed to the development of eco-friendly technologies than Hyundai. At the recent Geneva International Motor Show, the automaker unveiled a new line of vehicles, many of which employed alternative fuels, electric engines, or superior fuel economy. The company has thus demonstrated its commitment to the earth's future, helping drivers minimize their ecological footprints while still taking the road by storm. Its new vehicles include:

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Discover the versatility of the Hyundai Ioniq

Ioniq front

The new Hyundai Ioniq is turning heads everywhere. Known for its enhanced efficiency, superior comfort and innovative handling, it's a car that'll make you feel like you're king or queen of the road. Plus, the advanced Blue Drive technology allows for lower pollution with higher performance.

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Your Amazon Alexa can now connect with you car

Alexa dialog for Hyundai IONIQ

The future is now with digital innovations that make life easier. No more so is this more evident than in motor vehicle technology. Many drivers can now use their Amazon Echo device with its voice activated Alexa service to control their cars without ever being in the driving seat. Users are now able to switch on remote start, remote door locking and unlocking, climate control, remote horn and lights and remote electric or PHEV charging without needing to put their keys in the ignition.

Hyundai recently became the first conventional automobile maker to link their cars to Amazon Echo, allowing…

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Hyundai an Industry Leader in Car Tech

Hyundai Lineup

When you think of advances in automotive technology, what nameplate comes to mind? If it isn’t Hyundai, it should be. The South Korean automaker has been filing patents at a blinding pace, quickly catching up with industry leaders in terms of patents filed. In fact, according to a Reuters report, Hyundai has had a greater increase in patent filings than any other automaker over the past five years. Hyundai was among industry leaders in every category considered in the study (entertainment, propulsion, safety, navigation and handling).

Hyundai’s innovative spirit hasn’t gone without notice in the industry. J…

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Genesis’ First Car – The 2017 G80

2017 G80

Following in the footsteps of other Asian automakers such as Toyota, Nissan, and Honda, Hyundai announced the separation of its luxury vehicle division into a stand-alone marquee in late 2015. Now, less than a year later, the Genesis Motors company is bringing its first effort to market, in the Genesis G80.

A Major Decision

Hyundai made the decision to create a Genesis brand after seeing success with the Hyundai Genesis sedan and hearing a customer demand for an up-market brand. There were no half-measures in the wake of the decision either – the team at Genesis includes the former Lamborghini director…

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