2018 Hyundai Elantra

SHIFTRONIC is Hyundai's patented manumatic transmission. A combination of manual and automatic, manumatic allows a driver more controlled use of gear selection. In Hyundai's case with the SHIFTRONIC, it operates as a traditional automatic transmission yet permits the driver to override the automatic mode by changing the shift lever into a second shift gate with two different spring-loaded positions for "upshift" and "downshift."

As as a driver once you're in the gate you have control over the majority of shifting choices which are traditionally performed by the transmission's mainframe, such as delaying an upshift to prompt speed or to increase breaking impacts on the engine. Hyundai's SHIFTRONIC uses a torque converter to transfer rotating power and increase torque in low output rotational speeds, much like a reduction gear. Most importantly, when it's in overridden mode, the SHIFTRONIC doesn't allow the engine to stall out or over-rev itself.

The Hyundai Elantra has excellent standard features like heated front seats, a tilt and slide powered sunroof, Proximity Key and push-button start, and a rear-view camera. It also features SHIFTRONIC for a more unique driving experience.

How To Use SHIFTRONIC In The Elantra

Your SHIFTRONIC gives you the flexibility of a manual upshift or downshift in your automatic transmission, and it's much easier than you think. To switch over you simply need to slide your shift level over into the SHIFTRONIC gear as your Elantra is in the drive mode. You then just have to push the lever forward to upshift or backward to downshift. If you have paddle shifter son your Elantra's steering wheel you can also use them to upshift and downshift. Your SHIFTRONIC operates like a manual transmission but without the clutch and your SHIFTRONIC will automatically downshift if you start braking into a stop.

When Should You Use SHIFTRONIC In The Elantra?

You could drive your Elantra in SHIFTRONIC mode at all times if you wanted to. If you prefer a manual transmission engagement while you're driving then you might appreciate upshifting as soon as your engine hits the proper RPMs. SHIFTRONIC can also be particularly useful when combating turns, going up or down hills, for more productive stopping, and to maintain superior fuel economy. Your Elantra already has a great automatic transmission for upshifting in preferable conditions, but the SHIFTRONIC gives it an extra boost of precision and control.

What To Do If You Forget To Shift Out Of SHIFTRONIC

Your Elantra is a responsive vehicle and it will perceive when you're no longer shifting manually and will automatically switch to the automatic transmission mode so that you don't even have to think about it. If you forget that you're in SHIFTRONIC and you start to brake to a stop, your Elantra will naturally downshift to first gear. The SHIFTRONIC won't permit your engine to stall or over-rev.

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