A Sustainable Selection: Hyundai's Eco-Friendly Entries At The Geneva Motor Show

i30 Wagon Overhead

The future of the planet depends on sustainable energy, and no company is more committed to the development of eco-friendly technologies than Hyundai. At the recent Geneva International Motor Show, the automaker unveiled a new line of vehicles, many of which employed alternative fuels, electric engines, or superior fuel economy. The company has thus demonstrated its commitment to the earth's future, helping drivers minimize their ecological footprints while still taking the road by storm. Its new vehicles include:

FE Fuel Cell

The FE Fuel Cell

Arguably the most futuristic of Hyundai’s cars, the FE Fuel Cell is a concept car that relies on hydrogen for power. Set to be released in 2018, this concept car can travel 800 kilometers, or about 500 miles, on a single tank of fuel. It thus demonstrates that a hydrogen vehicle can offer the same performance prowess as traditional gas engines, all while eliminating carbon emissions.

The Fuel Cell is Hyundai’s latest achievement on the road to the Hydrogen Energy Society. This is the company’s vision for a civilization powered by renewable energy, where drivers can take to the roads without releasing carbon dioxide or toxic exhaust. The more successful the Fuel Cell, the closer Hyundai will be to achieving this goal.

Hyudnai IONIQ

The IONIQ Plug-In Hybrid

In addition to generating energy from new sources, Hyundai is also committed to finding more efficient ways of using our current energy. It thus displayed the IONIQ Plug-In Hybrid, a recent addition to its efficient IONIQ line, at the Geneva show. This car combines a 1.6 GDI petrol engine with an 8.9 kWh battery, allowing it to easily switch between two power sources. The vehicle can thus travel 63 kilometers, or about 40 miles, entirely on electric power, and then transitions to an efficient petrol engine so the trip remains uninterrupted.

i30 Wagon

The i30 Wagon

Although not breaking as boldly with old technologies, the Hyundai i30 Wagon, newly unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show, is still geared toward sustainability. The vehicle relies on LED bulbs for its headlamps and running lights, minimizing the amount of energy it takes to illuminate the road. Combined with its compact size, this helps to reduce fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions. The car also offers 602 liters, or about 21 cubic feet, of standard interior space, which expands to 1,650 liters or 58 cubic feet if you fold the seats down.

Other Vehicles

In addition to the Fuel Cell, IONIQ, and i30, Hyundai also displayed:

The RN30 Concept Car- This performance vehicle has all-wheel drive and a 2-liter turbo engine.

The i20 Coupe WRC- This aerodynamic racing vehicle meets the World Rally Championship’s technical code.

Wearable Robots- In addition to cars, Hyundai is showing off its HUMA, HWEX, and HMEX robotic exoskeleton technologies. These are designed to improve mobility and quality of life for people with muscular and spinal cord injuries.

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