New Hyundai Luxury Brand Genesis

New Hyundai Luxury Brand Genesis

All new Genesis

If you aren't already a fan of the Hyundai Genesis, it's probably because you haven't driven one - and you really owe it to yourself to see just why so many call us the best thing that's hit the luxury car market in decades. The Hyundai Genesis has been so well received since its introduction in 2004 that Hyundai Motors, after much thought, has decided to expand on the success of Genesis and Equus by combining them under their own luxury brand - the new Genesis.


While all Hyundai dealerships pride themselves on delivering the highest quality automobiles at competitive prices and in providing excellent customer service, Hyundai has carefully chosen only about 300 dealerships to roll out the Genesis brand. Fort Mills Hyundai is one of those select dealerships and will be offering the Genesis G80 and G90 lines (formerly the Hyundai Genesis and Hyundai Equus). The G80 is Genesis' midsize luxury sedan. The G90 - formerly the Equus - is the larger luxury sedan.


Even More Coming down the Road

And Genesis isn't stopping there. Between now and the 2020 model year, Genesis expects to roll out a total of six models. Next up is the G70, a smaller luxury car. Following close on its heels will be Genesis' entries into the crossover and coupe markets. Give it a couple of years and you can expect Genesis to introduce some exciting certified pre-owned options.

 New G90

What to Expect from the New Genesis Luxury Line

On the off chance you haven't experienced the Hyundai Genesis or Equus and don't know what to expect from the new luxury brand, here are some of the things you can expect:

  • A luxury driving experience centered on the driver that compares favorably to the best American, Japanese and European luxury automakers
  • Pricing that compares very favorably, bringing the more-for-your-money value Hyundai drivers have come to expect to the luxury car market
  • A service program that truly does justice to the luxury car market, based on the concept of taking respect for your time to the next level
  • Performance, style, sportiness on a level you would expect in the best luxury car lines
  • The same no-hassle sales experience you've come to expect from Hyundai
Genesis Family

Who Should Consider a Genesis?

We think everyone who has any interest in a luxury car owes it to themselves to come check out the new Genesis line. If you've driven the Hyundai Genesis or Hyundai Equus before, you already know why. Those who have owned and liked those models will undoubtedly like the G80 and G90 - and we'd venture to guess you'll be just as enthused about the upcoming additions to the line.


But what if you've never driven a Hyundai Genesis? Anyone in the market for a Lexus, BMW, Cadillac, Lincoln, Mercedes-Benz or similar brand should come and compare the new Genesis line. Not only will you find the vehicles compare favorably, you'll find they provide more luxury for the money.


Of course, we recognize that much - most, really - luxury car drivers prefer to lease vehicles. You can expect the Genesis line to come right out of the gate offering very favorable lease options. The familiarity and proven resale value of the models on which the new brand is based are expected to help deliver some of the best lease options in the luxury car market.


Still waiting to test drive the G80 or G90? What are you waiting for? Come see just why we say that the new Genesis line is the most exciting thing in today's luxury auto market. Get additional details on the new Genesis line of vehicles at Fort Mill Genesis, stop by the dealership or set up an appointment to test drive a G80 or G90 by calling us at 855.553.2053.

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