Genesis’ First Car – The 2017 G80

2017 G80

Following in the footsteps of other Asian automakers such as Toyota, Nissan, and Honda, Hyundai announced the separation of its luxury vehicle division into a stand-alone marquee in late 2015. Now, less than a year later, the Genesis Motors company is bringing its first effort to market, in the Genesis G80.

A Major Decision

Hyundai made the decision to create a Genesis brand after seeing success with the Hyundai Genesis sedan and hearing a customer demand for an up-market brand. There were no half-measures in the wake of the decision either – the team at Genesis includes the former Lamborghini director of brand and design, a former design director for Bentley and Audi, and one of the former leaders of the BMW M performance division. By bringing together such luminaries in the automotive world, Genesis was able to create visionary automobiles for the modern driver, and the G80 is leading the charge.

Branching Off

Unlike those automakers mentioned prior, Genesis will not continue by producing rebadged, up-fitted versions of Hyundai vehicles. The Lexus ES is merely a Toyota Avalon with a different body and mild performance improvements – however, the Genesis G80 is a far cry from anything in the Hyundai line-up.

While all models are rear-wheel drive, the buyer has the option to choose between a powerful 5.0-liter V8 engine or a smaller, more economical 3.8-liter V8, the latter of which is also available with all-wheel drive. Both engines accept regular fuel, unlike almost all competitors which demand the costlier premium gas. The ride is less performance-centered than many of the current luxury sedans, aiming instead for providing the smoothest, steadiest ride as possible. The use of all-season tires certainly helps in this, particularly as combined with the soft suspension.

2017 G80

Intelligent design inside and throughout the exterior of the Genesis G80 will make you forget that the price tag sits at the bottom end of the luxury and executive sedan range. With a striking front grille, crease accents, and a cleanly-sculpted rear end, the G80 looks right at home with the veterans of the segment. Inside, the cabin utilizes minimalist switches and knobs, along with a clean instrument panel, for intuitive use and an open, spacious, uncluttered feel. Combined with top-quality materials including open-pore wood trim and dark metal accents, and you have a cockpit befitting a luxury brand. The amount of room you’ll desire has been considered as well. The total interior volume puts it at the top of the class – more Passenger volume and cargo volume than the BMW 5 Series, the Mercedes E-Class, or the Cadillac CTS.

The latest technology features throughout the 2017 Genesis G80, from the safety features to the infotainment system. This includes a Head’s-Up Display that projects necessary information onto the windshield, so the driver doesn’t need to look down from the road to check speed, navigation, and more. An ultra-premium Lexicon Discrete Logic 7 Surround audio system with 17 speakers is offered, while a DIS navigation system is also on the list. This unit includes a 9.2-inch High Definition display and a 64 gigabyte Solid State Drive for multimedia.

Genesis Into the Future

The Genesis G80 is merely the first step in what looks to be a long, impressive run of Genesis vehicles. In addition to a larger sedan, the G90, as well as a coupe version of the G80, Genesis also looks to add crossovers and SUVs to the line-up in the next few years. This growth is aimed at propelling Genesis to the top of the luxury division, combing the reliability and customer satisfaction that Hyundai is known for with new ideas.

Here at Fort Mill Hyundai, we look forward to seeing the growth of this new brand, and can’t wait to bring the upcoming vehicles to the Charlotte and Fort Mill areas. Stop in and visit us, we’d be happy to go over the Genesis G80 with you in person or discuss other Genesis vehicles that are coming on the horizon.

2017 G80
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