4 Things to Know About Hyundai's Blue Drive

Hyundai Blie Drive

Hyundai is working to improve the fuel efficiency of their vehicles and better their overall technology. With this in mind, they have created the Hyundai Blue Drive. This technology is helping the company create and release more environmentally friendly vehicles with low emissions and better overall efficiency. If you're considering an environmentally friendly car, or are looking at new Hyundai vehicles, find out more about Blue Drive.

Vehicles Using Blue Drive

Blue Drive Cars

There are a number of Hyundai vehicles already using the Blue Drive technology. The first vehicles Hyundai released with the technology were the 2009 Elantra and the 2009 Accent, followed by the gas-electric hybrid Sonata. The Tucson Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle is a test car created by the company to help improve fuel cells, and the Santa Fe electric models were created with Blue Drive technology to help improve electric vehicle efficiency. Eventually, the company wants to incorporate their Blue Drive technology into all new makes and models of the brand.

Alternator Management System


One of the biggest pieces of technology in the Blue Drive system is the Alternator Management System, or AMS. This system is created to only charge the battery in the vehicle during deceleration or when there is power to spare in the engine. In addition, the AMS uses well-known options to help improve fuel efficiency, such as electric power steering and low rolling resistance tires. The AMS helps cut down on carbon emissions from the vehicle, saves power throughout the entire engine and alternator system, and helps improve your gas mileage overall.

Intelligent Stop and Go

Another piece of the Blue Drive technology system is the Intelligent Stop and Go system, or ISG, used primarily in Hyundai electric and hybrid vehicles. The ISG system automatically shuts off the engine when the car is not actually moving. This is extremely beneficial for those who travel regularly in stop and go traffic, or deal with traffic lights while driving through town. With the engine off, even for a short time, you're saving energy and fuel. When you press the clutch on the vehicle, the engine automatically starts up again.

Eco Drive Indicator

Eco Indicator

If you want to cut down on your carbon footprint, one of the best ways is to ensure that you're using as little gas as possible while you're driving. With the eco drive indicator offered on many Hyundai vehicles, especially the hybrid and electric cars, you're able to actually see what you need to do to save fuel. The way you drive, and specifically the way you shift while you're driving, affects your fuel efficiency. The eco drive indicator shows you when and how to shift gears to get the best fuel economy possible.

More people and companies are doing everything they can to cut their carbon footprint and ensure that they're as environmentally friendly as possible. Hyundai has become a leader in eco-technology to improve the way you drive. With a variety of vehicles offering Blue Technology systems, you can easily find the perfect vehicle for your lifestyle.

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